Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MTC continued...

This week Dallin writes...

"I actually really like being DL because it gives me a lot of time to spend with the branch presidency, learning how to teach. I need all the help teaching I can get. The hardest part is knowing what the investigator needs and so that's what I'm trying to figure out. Elder Cowley and I are going to step up our game and start using the teaching practice building they have here where they bring in actors or volunteers to be investigators for us so we can practice teaching people. The best thing about being a DL is that I get the mail first :D"

His funny dream...

"I had a dream about my ukulele this week! I was in a classroom at night and I was playing Hey, Soul Sister and it was so sweet! I woke up and about cried! haha not really, but I was kinda sad when my uke wasn't there in the morning. But two years apart will make our reunion that much sweeter!"

Thanks everyone for supporting him!!


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