Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Martha Stewart would be proud....

"We had laundry in the morning along with a workshop on how to make effective study journals (which got me super pumped to make a new study journal that will be so organized that Martha Stewart would probably cry) and then after lunch we went and cleaned the temple. I didn't actually get to clean, I just did security (which for the temple isn't that hard because all the people who would go to the temple aren't that pushy and everyone else doesn't want to spend time at the temple when they could be doing other things) haha so I just sat and read a Book of Mormon and talked to the security guy who served his mission in New Zeland. Cool, eh? I met two missionaries going to ROME today! AHHH and I could understand most of their Italian because it's so close to Spanish. Woop Woop."

"Yeah, we have a blue card that holds 20 dollars at the most (we get 6 dollars a week) but mostly I use that for laundry and every once in a while I get hungry and today I bought my new Study journal supplies (which I can't wait to get started on).
I have enough of everything :) I keep thinking I could use some more dulces(candy) but I lost like... 4 lbs this week which was a relief since I had started to gain so DON'T send dulces!
Every tuesday morning we go into the building next to us and clean (usually bathrooms which is awesome for me since it's way easier than the toilets I used to have to clean =D)"

"only two weeks left and your mail will need to go to Georgia! Woot!
Well, I love you so much!
-Elder Dallin Wood"

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  1. Haha that boy cracks me up! I wish I could make Martha Stewart jealous of my organization skills :)