Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From MTC to Georgia

Sorry, I've been so excited to tell you about all the cool stuff that I forget about the mundain stuff that I'm supposed to write about.
We don't have to wear suits, except for at church meetings (thankfully!) and I actually really like the heat/humidity. It's like a built in moisturizer! Not really, but it really isn't that bad :D

Haha my spanish is coming along, but it is taking a long time. I do love teaching lessons though cause it's a great time to work on listening and speaking, so it's fun! and spanish people are SO nice. We knocked in an apartment complex and had 4 white/african american people slam doors in our faces, but when we knock in latin areas they're just like, do you want a water? Or they'll listen to what we have to say at least before they tell us they're not interested and there are others that just want to hear what we think and love just talking about the Gospel, so it's awesome! I love them all!
We have a car right now in peachtree but that doesn't mean I won't have to buy a bike in the future. so We'll just play it by ear :D
Thanks! I love you and keep prayin for me!

Sorry! There's just one other thing I forgot to tell you all!
I'm pretty sure that in the shower, we got Kramer's shower head from Seinfield. I stepped in the first day and about got blasted back out. It was so funny!

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