Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Tell Lara thanks and tell Erin thanks, their family sent a package too! And then I got one from Cassie Kovacs so I have a huge pile of candy sitting at home! Goodness sakes!

Life goes on down here in Atlanta. This week was pretty slow just because Elder Wanlass and I got some sorta stomach virus that had us on the toilet for most of the last three days of the week and the first three days of the week he had leadership training so I went with the English elders that were right by us. On BIKES. haha! Biking was super fun but I learned you HAVE to drink a lot of water. I got a bit of a fever the second night because of the heat exaustion but other than that I was fine. And Sister Satterfield gave us some AMAZING chicken noodle soup to eat so we were fine. :D

Right now we're just focussing on inviting all of our investigators to baptism to weed out the ones who aren't ready and then help them know how they can know for themselves that our church is true and that our baptism is part of the "one Lord, one faith, one baptism" it talks about in the bible."

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