Monday, August 30, 2010

I was worried about Dallin because the Stake President warned me it might be difficult for Dallin when Dustin comes home.... here is Dallin's reply.....

"I'm super excited for Dustin to get home and I don't really wanna be anywhere else, Georgia is SUPER awesome and I'm gonna try to soak up every minute I have here! :D I think it's mostly effected my companion that Dustin is coming home cause I keep talking about it and he only has like 4 months left... woops!

"I talked in sacrament meeting this week and it was cool cause right before I talked I was like... Heavenly Father, you know how nervous I get about talking and He was like. Elder Wood. This is your duty. I'll make you able, stop worrying about yourself and just trust me. So that's what I did. I got up there and gave my talk and I wasn't half as nervous as I am when I talk in English! haha How cool is that? I'm sure my Spanish was pretty bad, but nobody died so I think it went better than I had predicted! haha."

-Elder Wood

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