Monday, September 13, 2010

"Unfortunately, this week that same guy who we had a baptismal date with said that he's been reading other books from other religions and that he's decided to stop taking the lessons with us but that he'd call us when he's ready again.

Good news is! The family that we had come to church last week came again and that the father had this super awesome experience. He was telling us about how he was praying and he wanted to know that everything he was doing was good and that he knew that God wouldn't manifest Himself to him but that he just wanted a sign. And who calls?? Brother Dominguez(their fellowshipper)!

So they were like talking and what not and they've started going over to the Dominguez house without us there (perfect) and going to home depot with them and everything. I have BIG hopes for this family and I can just feel the love they have for each other. They have some stuff to work out before it all gets said and done but I think they'll be there soon.

We had transfers this week and my trainer got moved out which means I have to lead the area until my new companion is used to it which is a blessing and a curse. It's good because all I did was basically follow my companion around the first transfer and now I'm leading more and talking more and really building my confidence in the power that the Lord has to make me the missionary I'm supposed to be.

The Castro family is like my FAVORITE family out here. The husband isn't a member but he's still super cool and their whole family is just so funny and crazy that I just love it and want you all to meet them!(so we're all going on a vacation to Georgia when I get back)! "

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