Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"We just had conference, which is like a spiritual Thanksgiving for all of the Elders. They go crazy about conference weekend. We have to wear our suit coats now though, it's a rule from October Conference to April we have to wear jackets and then April to October we don't. But we can take them off if it's over 75 degrees.

I miss the temple super bad, I read parts of that temple ensign we got this month and I just want to go back! haha but the Atlanta temple opens in January so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Well, the work is moving pretty well down here. Elder Wanlass and I (my trainer from last transfer) found this family that we knew was golden from the first time we met with them and they were just like, come on in and we taught them the whole first lesson and talked for a while afterward just about whatever. But anyways, they had a couple things they needed to work out and they talked to the Branch President and he said that the husband is ready to get baptized and that the wife(who was more skeptical) took some big steps towards getting baptized just by talking to him. It was so cool! and also they told the Branch President that Juan (their nephew) already wants to be baptized, which we had NO idea about. They even said that he doesn't smoke, drink, or have any problems with the ladies. How perfect is that? We'll keep you updated as time passes though, but even the Branch President said that his jaw dropped when they walked into church yesterday looking like members, haha!

Yesterday was SO awesome, we got home to eat dinner with the other elders and we about to eat when Elder and Sister Darby (the office couple) called us to get some help moving a couple washers and dryers. Well we went and helped them, got back and realized... It was FAST SATURDAY. And I was like... I'm so hungry... so tired... I should just eat. But I didn't! And ya know what? It was one of the most edifying fasts ever! I don't know if it was because I was perishing from hunger or I was just full of the spirit, but we got to church and I was just so happy and I got to talk to everyone and I could just feel the spirit SO strong, and Roberto and Xochitl and Juan and the two little kids came to church and so did some other investigators and this less active named Lucy(who's crazy! but super funny) who hasn't come in forever! and man, it was just AWESOME. Then afterward we had a meeting about The Day of Nations activity (where everyone from the different Latino nations brings food and drinks and what not) and all of the branch members were all in the primary room just making jokes and laughing and being loud and some of them were listening to Sister Castro (the one in charge of the program for the whole thing) but she is the Primary President so she's used to everyone being loud and making jokes and not listening so she handled it really well, haha! Well all in all, it was just super funny and even though I didn't understand everything that was being said, the atmosphere was just super welcoming and very homely. And then we went to "Break the Fast" at the Agirre Family's house and it was the same hominess all over again and I'm sure it wouldn't have been half as good if I hadn't just stuck out the night before and had eaten. Instead it was a super awesome/spiritual experience.
But anyways, thanks so much for everything! I love you!"

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